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Tips for WOW Warrior Talent Tree Builds

In World of Warcraft, warriors are popular for the tank. They are good at pulling, melee damaging, and taunting as well. However, tanking is the favorite part for players. What’s more, warriors can do really high melee DPS in the game. In order to be a better warrior, you will need to learn how to spec and play in the game. Here are tips for WOW warrior talent tree builds.

Warrior has 3 talent trees, the Arms tree, the Fury tree, and the Protection tree. Arms tree includes more utility and offensive abilities. Fury tree includes more offensive damage. The Protection tree provides players with more defensive abilities. All of these abilities are great for tank.

First of all, you should choose the talent build. It can offer you more damage, which is extremely helpful for leveling. You can make your choice according to your need. Making a goal for yourself and you will know what your goal is.

In WotLK (Wrath of the Lich King), there are some interesting changes in the warrior talent trees. All the trees have their talents adjusted to the players’ benefit. For example, the Fury talent deals premier damage for warriors, instead of the realm of the Orcish savage. Synergy is brilliant as well. It create Fury Warrior’s own version of Slam Rotation for normal attack, Slam and Mortal Strike to maximize damage.

For the players who choose to play Warriors in the World of Warcraft, the Fury talent tree is a better choice for you. You can get the most consistent damage for your characters. In this tree, you should definitely choose a talent Cruelty, which is an extremely important talent for you. Unbridled Wrath is a talent you can never ignore as well. Dual Wield Specialization is a talent which can give a huge boost to your damage.

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