1 60 Horde Leveling Guide

Joana's 70-80 Northrend Leveling Guide Get from 70-80 QUICK

Joana's 70-80 Northrend GuideGet from 70-80 QUICK. I am proud to present to you my 70-80 Northrend leveling guide! This guide is BRAND NEW! I have been working really hard for the past year and a half figuring out the most optimized leveling paths through Northrend and now it's finally Available!
Full In-Game leveling guide mod (See above) is available for it! And this guide also comes with many other versions, such as online HTML, printable PDF, MetaMap mod coordinates. Any version you would like to have you got it! Also for more details on the many different versions that is included with this Horde leveling guide.
This is the guide everyone has been waiting for, lots of thought went into the making of this step-by-step guide and it's the exact same pattern I plan on following speed runs with on new servers.
I give tips/tricks on how to do most of the quests in Northrend, all done in a step-by-step fashion.
I have lots of videos (over a 100!) demonstrating how to do all the hard and confusing quests in Northrend.
Coordinates are listed for everything, and interactive map coordinates are available as well (for the MetaMap Mod).
This guide is nicely organized into leveling areas with complete pictures on the exact paths to take. These pictures are VERY helpful, I have spent a lot of time mapping out everything, the quest paths to take, where the quest mobs are at, where the quest givers are at, and so on and so on. You can just use my illustrations for finding everything in the game world.I list exactly when to accept quests, when to do them and when to turn them in, all in an order which is done in the most efficient manner.
All quests, mobs, and items are linked to wowhead.com!I go into great detail in it, I list everything that I do, including when I make an area my new home, or when I accept or turn in a quest, EVERYTHING is documented. Whether you want to follow this guide step-by-step or simply just pick up what quests to get, what quests to avoid, where to do them, when to turn them in etc, and no matter what level you currently are in Northrend, this guide can dramatically help you level a LOT faster.
Whether you like soloing or grouping, this guide has you covered.This guide is 100% legit, there are NO hack/exploits at all in this guide.
Joana's 55-60 Death Knight Leveling Guide
Blizzard's first hero class, the Death Knight has it's own starting area (Ebon Hold), and you will get access to my Death Knight leveling guide.
With this step-by-step guide you can quickly breeze right through the starting zone for the Death Knight and continue on your journey to level 80!
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Joana's Death Knight Strategy Guide
This is a simple strategy guide on how to play the Death Knight, what talents to use, and how to use your abilities.
Gameplay videos are provided to further enhance your gameplay.
I have a section for user submitted Death Knight guides, so your info on how to play the Death Knight will be fully answered!
BONUS!By purchasing this product you will have FREE 70-80 horde leveling guide updates. World of Warcraft is a constantly evolving game, I update my members area on a continuous basis, so you can be assured that this guide will always be up-to-date.
Things to look out for in the future includes: 70-80 FRAPSED speed run videos, more content (especially for my 70-80 Northrend guide), and much more!