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Color Coding for the World of Warcraft Items

In World of Warcraft
there are many quests you can go on and there many lands you can explore. You will come across many people with whom you can strike up a friendship and you will also come across many people with whom you can have a free-for-all. And through all of these you will come across many World of Warcraft items which you will find of use to you.

These World of Warcraft items can be obtained through many means. One of these is outright buying. You can buy whatever items you need at one of the three auction houses (Ironforge – Alliance auction house, Orgrimmar – Horde auction house, and Gadgetzan – neutral auction house and available for use of both factions).

Or you also have the choice of buying any World of Warcraft items from the Non-Playable Character vendors who dot the landscape of the World of Warcraft. You will also find that you come across World of Warcraft items in your many quests and explorations of lands. You will be able to get these through either looting or plundering!

That does sound odd, but really this is how you manage to get your World of Warcraft items, some of which are necessary for you to complete your quests. These World of Warcraft items can be obtained when any monsters that you fight drop them or when you kill anything and there is something left behind.

World of Warcraft items will also come to you in the form of chests and the like which are strategically placed, and to get to these you will generally have to fight your way through.

Other methods of obtaining World of Warcraft items can be from trading with other World of Warcraft gamers. This is permitted in the game and some people go through these channels instead of putting their stuff for sale at the auction houses.

World of Warcraft items will also generally be color coded. Gray items are the most common items and these you will come across almost everywhere. They are thought of as Poor in quality, and considered vendor trash by most people.

The next color coding level of World of Warcraft items is White. These are also quite easy to find and considered to be Common, although they are not as proliferate as the Gray items.

Greens come next on the list and these are a better find than either Whites or Grays. These are also known to be Uncommon World of Warcraft items.

After Green, comes the color coded Blue World of Warcraft items. These are very Rare to find and can fetch quite a tidy sum. Unfortunately you won’t be able to get your hands on
these until you reach a few of the higher levels.

Purple World of Warcraft items are considered to be Epic, while Orange items are considered to be Legendary. These are almost impossible to find and will go for a very high price. All items though can be traded in-game by anyone.

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