1 60 Horde Leveling Guide

miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012

World of Warcraft - WoW - Horde 1-70 Leveling Guide

Because World of Warcraft requires you to pay money for your play time (a growing trend among MMORPGs) people who have experienced most quests and leveling want to get their characters to level 70 in the least amount of time possible so that they may have a strong end game char for PvP (player vs player) or to help level friends characters, or just to have an account full of high level characters. Because of this high demand there are many different people and groups creating guides on how to hit level 70 as fast as humanly possible without using any sort of hacks or cheats. I will be discussing horde leveling guides, as horde and alliance guides differ.

Some things to look for when picking out your horde leveling guide are:

Guides for each race's starting area. Many guides level out races like tauren and blood elf, leaving it kind of useless
Money back guarantee. If a guide offers a money back guarantee this is usually a sign that the author knows it is high quality and a refund will not be requested
Price. Many guides are expensive, costing anywhere from $32 - $50. Shop around, there are cheaper guides out there
Bonus material. Most guides on the market provide only a horde leveling guide, look for a guide that comes with free bonus material such as a gold guide or other bonuses

Be sure to select a guide that meets this criteria and hit level 70 as fast as possible. No need to waste your expensive play time on leveling slowly when it can be done quickly.

Booty Bay WoW Exploit Community's WoW Horde Leveling Guide is the author's pick for World of Warcraft horde 1-70 leveling guides.

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