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World of Warcraft Leveling Guides - What You Need To Know

Since it's release in 2004, World of Warcraft has established itself comfortably as the number 1 online PC game. People have found themselves getting addicted to the fact there always seems to be something new to do and learn. Naturally there was always going to be the super competitive type that would brag about how quickly they could level to become an all powerful character, but many people find that taking their time and going at their own pace is much more rewarding. If this is not for you, there are very good guides out there that assist you in getting to level 70 as fast as you possibly can.

Joana's Horde Guide would have to be the most popular offering for the Horde. Joana created quite a stir in the early days of World of Warcraft. Many believed he was a cheater as no-one could possibly level as fast as he does. Others believed he was a combination of two or three professional gamers. But the people who knew him (guild mates) often came to his defence claiming he was just a mega-obsessed World of Warcraft player. Joana has now put all the speculation to rest by creating a Horde Power Leveling guide that assists people in getting to level 70 as fast as humanly possible.

Brian Kopp's Alliance guide also goes to great lengths to make sure you get to 70 as quick as possible on your Alliance character. The main feature this one contains is a map mod that allows you to see coords for quest locations and drop off points. This can come in handy so you don't have to press alt tab and open Allakhazam or Thottbot to find out where to go next.

Both guides are good for what they are. The main thing they do is find out where the clusters of quests are so you can go and kill five birds with one stone. You'll find this is an amazingly fast way to level, because you can run into town with 5 or 6 quests completed and drop them off all at once and sometimes this can mean half a level of experience. They both offer well planned guides and they are both completely legal, so Blizzard will not and can not ban you for use of them. Neither guide encourages you to do something against game rules.

I'd recommend either guide to you if you're the type that wants to get to 70 as fast as possible. But remember, just as much fun can be had taking your time.

Please visit my WoW blog (link below) for links to these guides as well as additional information on these guides and more.

WoW - Fame and Riches

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WoW - Fame and Riches

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