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miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012

Top 4 Tips for World of Warcraft - Alliance

The Alliance races seem to be more popular compared to the Horde with World of Warcraft players. While this can cause crowding in many of the more popular areas and lead to stiff competition for quest requirements such as certain amount of things gathered, killed and even bosses there are several good things about playing on the Alliance side. There is more quest-based content available to the Alliance then there is for the Horde. So while the Horde will find themselves forced to farm for experience and run lower level quest around level 25-30 the Alliance player will still have an abundance of quest available. With that being said here are 4 handy tips that every Alliance player should know.

Tip 1 - Playing Solo

While it cannot be said that there is one in particular character set that will work perfect for soloing every time there are two that work very well, the Warlock and the Hunter. With the ability to have a pet these two classes not only have the damage they can put out available they can also rely on not only the damage their pet can put out but also the pets ability to do crowd control. Crowd control is vital to being able to take on larger groups or bosses.

Tip 2 - Everyone Loves A Healer

There are several options for being a healer which includes the Holy Paladin, the Holy Priest and the Druid Tree. Depending on who you ask you will get a wide range of different answers as to which one is the best. But no matter which way you go, a healer is a great option and not to mention it will help you get invited to more raids and make your queue for dungeons a lot faster.

Tip 3 - You are Not Restricted To Your Own Race Quest Line

For many new World of Warcraft players they assume they are restricted just to their race quest line, not true! For many new players it is easiest to start your race quest lines and continue on until you reach about level 6. Once you have reached that level you are pretty much have the ability to travel to other locations as long as you travel smartly and avoid running into higher level groups of bad guys. Once you reach a new location you can start any quest line, no matter which race it is ideally intended for.

Tip 4 - The Best Dance Moves Belong to the Gnome

One of the funniest things to do, while waiting for a battleground or dungeon to start, is to dance with other players. Now all the World of Warcraft players can dance and you will likely be able to spot which dance they are doing right away, the Gnome by far is the best. If you haven't seen it yet, just wait as it is sure to make you laugh.

If you are struggling in World of Warcraft or just have the desire to get more out of your game consider investing into a World of Warcraft leveling guide or one of the various World of Warcraft add-ons available. These will not only increase your knowledge of the game but will also make playing it much more fun.


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