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Best Race for Wow Hunter

As hunter is such a powerful class, many players get interested in it. With the Cataclysm, many races can play as a hunter except the Gnomes. They cannot play as a hunter. I guess it is because they are busy repairing their cities. They are not tall enough to use the bow. In the latest expansion of WOW-Mists of Pandaria, Gnomes still cannot play as a hunter. But the new race Pandarens can become a hunter. You can choose the race you like to be a hunter.

If you like the race more than others, you can take it although it has no great abilities. Most players are finding the best race for WOW hunter. I would say you like it and you play it. There is no other rule to play in the game. The abilities do not make a difference because you have your basic skills as a player. In Mists of Pandaria, hunter may finally get to use the bows. Player said that, if you want to reach the end of the game, Orcs and Trolls are the best hunter races.

For me, I would like to take the pandarens as a hunter because this class can play well both as Alliance and Horde. Pandarens can make the enemies sleep with a touch of the paw. They can increase the benefit from food buffs. If you are skilled at cooking, you can cook food for your character. Take several professions for you and you will get leveled faster.

Draenei: This race is a good hunter race for a couple of reasons. You will be given a viable method of reducing downtime in tough battles. When you are at high levels, you can use self-ability for raiding. Leveling up can improve your DPS. You can do more damage to the enemy per second.

Night Elves: This is a good PVP race. This race can play well in both world PVP and arena. It does not add additional abilities for your high level character. Night elf hunter can get the benefit of 2%. The special abilities for Night Elf cannot be used in PVE content.

Blood Elves: If you are playing as a Horde, you can begin your hunter life with Blood elf. The good ability for Blood elf is Arcane Torrent. The character can use this as AOE silence when in melee range.

Tauren: Tauren is a good PVP hunter race. If you like to play PVP you can take this race. A Tauren can take 5% bonus in health. In addition to the addition bonus, it can take many other skills. Take the herbalism profession; you are able to get some materials. Make the materials into potions which can help you heal your wound. You should get as many herbs as you can. Each kind of herb have unique function for wound.

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