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Death Knight Leveling Guide Free

After you have read about the guide on leveling Death Knight in Cataclysm, you would find out that I have recommended two-handed build. And in this Death Knight leveling guide free, I would go to explain it and move further.

I recommend two-handed build for that it is easier to find two-handed weapons, and at the same time, quests and drop rewards are great during you Death Knight leveling process. Taking Threat of Thassarian instead of Might of the Frozen Wasters if you want to try dual wielding, and take some points out of Icy Reach and Unholy Command to get Nerves of Cold Steel.

There are some important tips for your leveling Death Knights in Cataclysm era. Keeping your diseases up, and if you reach the level 81, use glyphed Howling Blast and Plague Strike, or Outbreak. You can use Obliterate to cause great damage, and use Rime to cast a Howling Blast, or Frost Strike to dump any runic power you built up.

When you are in an AoE situation, you can just lay down Death and Decay and spend your death and frost runes on Howling Blast for some powerful damage. But you still need more practice in the game.

Blood play an important role in your death knight leveling process, for it keeps you on your feet. Blood is a tank spec, but is can helpful like a pretty solid leveling spec. you would have various ways to get rid of damage, and the best way to have a steadily leveling experience is staying alive. Comparing with Frost, it is much slower, but it also gives you the option of tanking dungeons.

If you want to level up as a blood death knight without tanking, you can try another at level 60. At your level 70, you can flesh out your build a bit more, and add some more utility and survivability. For that long-last diseases are important for blood death knights, so you can spend more runes on Death Strike.

Performing in Blood Presence with a two-handed weapon, a leveling rotating for a blood death knight would be like the following. Keep diseases up and use Icy Touch and Blood Plague or Outbreak if you have reached level 81. Spend your blood runes by using Heart Strike when you are facing fight of less than three enemies, but if there are more than three, you can use Blood Boil. To spend your frost and unholy runes by using Death Strike, and when you are facing a large group of enemies, spare an unholy rune for Death and Decay. The last one, spend your runic power by using Rune Strike.

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