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martes, 11 de diciembre de 2012

Learn This World of Warcraft Rogue Guide

Rogue is a big class in World of Warcraft. As it is really good at damage, many players choose it to play the game. However, mastering this class is not that easy. There are a lot of guides online. Some are useful, but some are not. Here is a World of Warcraft Rogue guide for you to learn more about this class.

You may not know that night elves cannot make better Rogues. Thus, don’t choose night elves if you want to play Rogue, or don’t play Rogue if you are night elves.

Actually, Rogue is not only good at damage and hunting enemies, they are also great team mates for a tank, like warriors and paladins. You may find that in the game, many players who play warriors and paladins may want to make a team with Rogues better.

For low level Rogues, Azeroth is really dangerous. You should stay in the starting location before you get to level 5. If you are dead, you will be unable to unlock the new areas. Thus, you should be careful about it and then wandering out of your lands after you get ready.

Don’t care too much about your play style of Rogue. You will find your own style and unique good way of playing it. Others can give you some advices and suggestions, but they are still not you and they are not playing your character.

Sap is a great ability for Rogue. Players can get access to items and deal with less enemies or even one at a time with this ability. Rogues can use it when doing quests. Sapping the enemies, together with retrieving an item and vanishing from view, may be the best way some times.

Do your best to stun your enemies in PVP is useful for Rogues as well. And after level 16, you need to learn lock pick. You can make a great amount of WOW gold with it after level 25.

There are more World of Warcraft Rogue guide online about doing damage consistently over long fights, keeping up damage in Combat, and applying poisons with Assassination and defeating enemies subtly. You can learn more online. Meanwhile, I hope this guide will be helpful to you.

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