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martes, 11 de diciembre de 2012

WOW Fourth Expension Pack Will Be Completed In 2 Years

Blizzard's online game "World of Warcraft" (World of Warcraft) chief architect Tom Muqieerdun (Tom Chilton) accepted an interview, he said in an interview, "World of Warcraft" under one piece of information. The development speed will be faster than in the past three piece of information. However, there is no specific release of this project, he said, the latest expansion pack version of Blizzard expects as much as possible within two years. Buy wow gold online form our wowgoldfirm.com, you can not only save a lot of your money, also you may get bonus.

His production team spent a few years to complete the development of Cataclysm expansion, with high-quality version of the content is a big disaster, Blizzard's latest game development technology, crystallization. Now, the game has changed the face of the world, they want to do in about a year to complete the development of a new piece of information, and the specific content of this expansion is expected to announce the 2011 BlizzCon. Any time when you want to get Cheap WOW Gold, you can deal with us, our Wow gold is very safe and cheap.

The following is an interview with Tom Muqieerdun:

Q: Looking to the future, you will improve the efficiency of the early completion of the "World of Warcraft" under one piece of information development tasks?

Tom Muqieerdun: and we made before than expected, I think that with two years to the next piece of information to the player's hand a bit too long. For the development of a new piece of information, we will follow the 60 quality of content when the game to work out a plan the perfect long-term task. We are determined to complete the game the fastest production tasks. However, the specific how fast, I'm not sure, but it is certainly better than the past, the completion of three piece of information a lot faster.

Q: You once said that as far as possible next year to complete the development of a data sheet, this is still your goal?

Tom Muqieerdun: It really is the most close to my ideal. I'm not sure whether we have the ability to complete. Perhaps, if we completely stopped the version of the big disaster updates, and then directly from the third piece of information to the next one, this year, almost enough. I think we may be able to do so. But in fact, we are still committed to major disaster to update the production version, therefore, in practical terms, a year to complete the production of the next piece of information is impossible. But I expect within two years, players will definitely play up and down a piece of information.

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