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WoW Proven Methods to Find Items to Sell for Gold

Making gold is a constant topic if you want to play WoW. Now, we provide some proven methods for all the players to find items to sell for gold from Warcraft. One of the hardest things for a new player to World of Warcraft is trying to figure out how to make gold. The continuous demand of gold may leave even an experienced player strapped for cash when looking to buy some new loot, that epic mount you've been drooling over, or any number of useful raid items. You cannot escape the fact that in order to be successful, you need to be able to make gold in WoW.

The most important thing about how to be rich in WoW is to find items to sell for gold. Here's a quick check list to see if an item is worth selling. It's simple economics, there has to be a demand for the product. Sometimes you find an item that is not a grey useless item and you think it may be worth something. However unless the item is needed by other players it will be as worthless as those grey items. When a certain item is used by other players to make weapons or enchants you can be certain that these will sell well. Of course blue and purple items are very rare and will always put some gold in the bank. Quantity is king in WoW, and the items you are selling should have enough demand that people will want to purchase them in bulk. Sure it would be great to just find and sell blue and purple items all day long, but this just isn't possible. Instead look for items that people will buy stacks of if you want to make gold in Wow. Most players in who buy items in the kind of bulk are looking to quickly level up a profession, or possibly to earn credit for donating to a faction, either way this is a great way to increase your gold.

Do not spend your time looking for those rare epic items, instead focus on items that are easy and fast to find. The absolute easiest way to make gold in WoW is to focus on a gathering profession such as skinning, herbalism, or mining. With a gathering profession such as mining you won't have to worry much about mobs so it will be easier to gather, although something like skinning will have the added benefit of earning XP while you are grinding. Gathering is by far the most effective way to earn lots of gold in the fastest time. Now that you've collected your items you are all ready to sell them and make lots of gold, but how do you know how much to sell them for? The best way to make sure you always come out on top is to install the Auctioneer add-on. Even if you are not looking to use all of its advanced features it will still determine the best selling price for your item.

Do you think these proven methods to find items to sell for gold are useful? By using the tricks and strategies here you are now well on your way to earning more gold than you ever thought possible in World of Warcraft.

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