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martes, 11 de diciembre de 2012

Free Wow Leveling Addons

Leveling in World of Warcraft is very important for the players. All the players want to level their characters to a higher level because they can be more powerful after leveled up. But it is really a tedious work to level to WOW toons. You may play for 10 hours a day in order to grind levels.

If you have a limited time to play in the game, you would not have 10 hours to grind for levels. Even the game is attractive; the players still want to skip some parts of it. Sometimes, you have to kill 40 mobs to get 20 claws. There is no way to make it easy. I think this is the part that most players like to skip.

There is a piece of good news for the new players of World of Warcraft. The Blizzard allows the new players to use some of the addons in the starting area. The Wow leveling addon can help the players level up fast and make the process of leveling more fun. If you want to use an addon, you must download it first. Then you should unzipping them and install them in your computer. You can create a Wow folder for the addon. Here I have three good Wow leveling addons. They are not only free but also with good function.

This addon is not new to the Wow players. I guess many players have tried it already. If you do not want to go and find the mobs, you can use this addon. It will tell you where to kill the mobs. You can see them from a map provided by the quest helper. You can also notice what item you can get if you kill the mobs. The tool can locate the places you should go in order to finish the quest. You just take the quest and then follow the quest helper you will complete the quests easily. As a rule, you will speak to the NPC to start the quest.

With the tool, you will be able to manipulate the world map. The standard WOW map can be changed? Is it sounds chunky? Yes, you can change it with the help of Cartographer. Both Quest helper and Cartographer are produced by Curse. You can find them on Curse.com.

This addon is available from Wowhead which is a database for WOW. You can find whatever you want in the database. Almost every new player goes there to learn the basic things about WOW. Lightheaded combines the Quest helper and the Cartographer. It can help you level up faster. This one is my favorite one. You should have a try of this one.

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