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martes, 11 de diciembre de 2012

Figure Out Paladin WoW Gold Farming Guide

Have you ever tried to choose Paladin class to play World of Warcraft? although it is one of the least efficient character when it comes to Paladin WoW gold farming, if you really love this class and are determined to keep on with it, there are still some things you can do to get more gold. So, just follow this Paladin WoW gold farming guide.

Firstly, if you have a level 70 Paladin, the best way for you to make cash is to do your daily quests every day. There is really no easier way of making gold on WoW. Your character can do as many as 25 daily quests per day after doing the initial quest chain, so take advantage of the opportunity and try to log into WoW for at least a few hours every day if you're trying to pull enough gold together to get your epic flying mount. Even if you can only manage 5-10 dailies every day, they add up.

If you really want more cash you need to level an alt that is better at making gold than your Pally. You'll get lots of arguments over which class is the best for Paladin WoW gold farming, but you can't go wrong with Hunters, Rogues or Warlocks. Give any of them some good gathering professions such as mining and skinning and set them to work. If you want more Paladin WoW gold farming at level 70 as a Paladin and you are specced to anything other than Protection, respec if you can afford to do so. It's a nice AOE grinding build. Retribution isn't too bad either, but Holy is pretty much awful when it comes to lvl 70 farming.

Well, you certainly won't be there on your own, but the Western Plaguelands is still one of the best places for Paladin WoW gold farming due to all the undead running around. Some other good places for Pallys to grind gold are the Legash camps in Azshara. Also, while you are there try the Thalassian Base and Coralshell Turtles.

If you can get a 5-man group together, then you should hit Silithus, but it won't work all that well for solo-ing. Still, if you can pull a group together, you could have your flying mount in days rather than weeks. The drops there are great for reselling in the Auction House. If you really want to learn the best World of Warcraft gold making methods and how to get the best prices for your goods in the auction house, then you need to get your hands on this guide.

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