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martes, 11 de diciembre de 2012

How to Accumulate WoW Gold with Engineering

We today still update a profession guide to all of you: how to accumulate WoW gold with Engineering. Engineering can be profitable if you know how to manage your affairs profitably. If you're willing to spend the time you can probably figure this out yourself. There is wrong saying that engineering is just a "fun" profession, it doesn't really make WoW gold. Actually, Engineering can make a lot of gold, as a matter of fact, it was one of the most profitable professions during Wrath of the Lich King, and now with cataclysm, the gold making options have become even better.

Selling pets is one of the best ways to accumulate WoW gold with Engineering. As of recently blizzard has added two more Engineering pets, once for each specialization, they are the De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion mechanical companion and the Personal World Destroyer. If you can manage to snag yourself a lifelike mechanical toad schematic for cheap, learn it. I can sell these toads for 150g each one, and they sell like hot cakes.

Engineers now can make the new "fish feast" of cataclysm, it is called the Goblin Barbecue. Selling these at 75-100g per is great profit, especially if you're on a realm that raids constantly, they'll want the best buffs that they can acquire, and this is by far one of the easiest to get. The Goblin Barbecue requires two Elementium Bars, two Toughened Flesh, and two Lavascale Fillets to craft. You can farm most of these mats to help reduce the costs and help increase the final ROI

If you don't know about Kaye Toogie now, go read up on it over at The Gnomish Coin. The way it works is, everytime you use your wormhole you have a chance to get the option "Underground", which takes you into a sewer where there is a vendor that sells rare engineering schematics. There are three total schematics, but one of them is what makes it all worth it, it is Schematic: Arcanite Dragonling. As of the shattering, this schematic is no longer dropped by mobs and this is the only place to obtain it, I personally have sold two of them, each at 4,500g each. I use my wormhole whenever it's up, and I've gotten underground now three times, it's an easy way to make 3-5k within seconds.

Among these above, you can also sell fused wiring and Engineering mounts to accumulate WoW gold with Engineering profession. There are many professions in World of Warcraft, each one has its own advantages in a certain circumstance. If you use one profession appropriately, you can get huge wealth in that profession. So, hope today’s Engineering profession guide can help you in making gold in World of Warcraft. Od course, you can also buy cheap WoW gold on our site.

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