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martes, 11 de diciembre de 2012

Cataclysm Gain IGN 9.0 High Ratings

Not as a traditional stand-alone game as the new "World of Warcraft" players seem to feel less concerned about how your assessment IGN, the game in the end how natural those old WOWer are more clear, but we still look on IGN His evaluation of it, in addition to picture and sound of these two hard items, other items have been evaluated by 9 points or more, the picture is indeed a cup, only received a score of 7.0, and we are totally impressed by the game itself Blizzard attraction, to make 5-year-old engines continue to attract so many players, though the back of each piece of information has a corresponding improvement, but can not change its nature, that is not synchronized to the mainland! So, there is no doubt that you need to have enough wow gold, only this you can enjoy the game more, and except farming gold in the game, you can also buy wow gold online, it's a better way that you can save a lot of you time.

The following is the IGN ratings for world of warcraft: Cataclysm(pc):

Overall feeling 9.0: heavy storyline, cutscenes, and a small range of interface improvements for my 85 trips add a lot of fun.

Screen performance 7.0: a new water and care for special effects, etc. These are great, but the "World of Warcraft: Cataclysm" luckier in its artistic style and as powerful as the game itself.

Sound performance 8.0: The key scene solid voice acting, full of variety in the game world of random music, just right to express a harmonious atmosphere.

Experience to get started 9.5: a simple task model is more efficient, most of the new tasks are both highly creative and fun.

Lasting Appeal 9.0: a large number of copies and the team, but the story missions and the mainland of view, the content of their exclusive big disaster before the "Lich King" for some less than normal.

Total 9.0: Wonderful

The last comments: If you bring a lot of changes to the core game, "Cataclysm is undoubtedly the best MMO to date a piece of information, but if you strip out the major disaster itself to give you , then it is indeed better than "Wrath of the Lich King," the contents of the small. But it is also even better than the contents of the Lich King, the story compelling story, and creative tasks, and some very significant visual effects. Although not a core change in Azeroth, but for its part, is a big disaster is still good piece of information, whether you are Northrend old bird about, or just the beast into the continent man infantry novice, it is worth your attention.

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